Who are we

Salubrity, by definition, means “conducive or favourable to health or well-being”. We believe that this name perfectly encapsulates the principle aim of Salubrity, which is “making great health possible”. This extends to the health of medical scheme members, a company’s employees, individual patients and populations. This is achieved by facilitating an environment conductive to preventative, holistic and coordinated care for all.

Salubrity is at its core a risk management company enabled by personalised medical care.

Salubrity was borne out of the extremely successful and innovative Intercare Group, with a track record of 15 years delivering high quality primary health care, day hospital and rehabilitative services across South Africa. The care delivered by the Group has always been in accordance with the principles of collaboration, partnership and multi-disciplinary team work. This has meant working closely with medical schemes and administrators, allied health professionals, other wellness companies, managed care organisations and patients directly.

It is this knowledge, experience and background that positions Salubrity as an innovative and forward-thinking company within the health industry.

Below is a summary of how Salubrity differs from a more traditional wellness company.

Traditional Wellness Company
A Traditional Wellness Company Focuses on delivering solutions alone and often at an individual’s place of work
Salubrity focuses on delivering solutions in partnership with practices and health care providers who espouse the principle of the patient-centred medical home. Reinstates the family physician as the central coordinator of care.
A Traditional Wellness Company Focuses mainly on corporates
Salubrity partners with corporates, practices, other wellness companies, individual patients and medical schemes.
A Traditional Wellness Company Offers an isolated and often once-off service with little to no continuity throughout the whole spectrum of health care
Salubrity offers a comprehensive service through existing partnerships, where individuals can be cared for through the entire course of their illness at a primary care, hospital and rehabilitative level.
A Traditional Wellness Company Focuses on more basic screenings due to limitations of physical space (e.g. on site at a corporate), scope of practice and expertise
Salubrity can facilitate basic and advanced screenings due to partnerships with practices, day hospitals and specialists. (e.g. cholesterol to colonoscopy)
A Traditional Wellness Company Charge a fee for service remuneration model
Salubrity encourages a value based remuneration model.